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During a visit to Microsoft Executive Briefing Center, where I interpreted for a group of Russian visitors I saw a real wide screen of the future workstation...


It looked very similar to this, only without the "seam" in the middle of the screen.

(place reserved for a picture of my office with a two-monitor setup).  
This was before I started working at Microsoft. Since I spent a lot of time in my Redmond office, I took one of my 19" LCD monitors there.

Time to part with my beloved 22" Cinema Display - a replacement has come...

(even after I used it for several years it fetched nearly $700 on eBay!)

Life was not the same with only one monitor for the Windows machine. Once you discover conveniences of additional monitor real estate, there is no way back. Like alcoholism, it's an addiction you HAVE to satisfy it. In my case, a slim-looking Sony widescreen 23" display was a fix.



This is the end of freelance part of my life. In May 2006 I have become CEO and President of RusLoc Ltd., the best Russian localization company on Planet Earth.


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