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Stop misunderstanding before it starts!

Attorneys in Washington State prefer using court certified interpreters from the beginning. It ensures high quality communication with non-English speaking clients and approval of the interpreter by all judges.

Vadim Zima is certified by American Translators Association (ATA) as an English-Russian translator and by Washington State Superior Court as a court Interpreter. For a larger view of the Certificates click on the images.

American Translators Association Certificate

Many diploma evaluation agencies request an official certified translation of foreign diplomas and transcripts by a professional certified translator.

1981, Ukraine - Army linguist Capt. Zima.

Interpreting for a four-star general. He was a REAL jerk!

After my relocation to the US in 1990 very little has changed. In Russia I was an English translator. In America I am a Russian translator.

All work and no play make Vadim a dull boy ...


"I have personally known Vadim for many years. He provided me with excellent interpretation services during one of my first trips to Moscow. Since then, our organization has utilized his written translation services and found them to be excellent."
Carol Vipperman
President and Founder
Foundation for Russian American Economic Cooperation





Rusloc employees are proud to use only legal software

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Living 15 minutes away from Redmond, Washington and having friends there has some advantages. Software prices in the Microsoft Company Store are quite amazing. Unfortunately, outsiders are only allowed to buy coffee mugs or T-shirts with the company logo. I wish I had close friends in Cupertino as well...

A really paperless office

With three monitors connected to two computers I don't really need to print anything out, except for the copies of my translations that need to be signed and notarized. All other jobs are exchanged electronically. Russian and English dictionary (hundreds of them) is becoming obsolete. Electronic and online dictionaries proved to be more useful and convenient.

We are using both platforms - Windows and Macs in the office.

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